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June 2018 June 9th - 10th   Oklahoma City Spirit Mind Body Faire by OPERA Oklahoma City, OK  Saturday, April 21st 10 am - 6 pm Sunday, April 22nd 12 pm - 6 pm ADMISSION:  $5 for BOTH days, per person, under 18 yrs old FREE       $3 for senior citizens                FREE Lectures with admission ADDRESS:    BILTMORE HOTEL - SOUTH BALLROOM           401 S. Meridian Oklahoma City, OK  73108 July July 27th- 29th   Wichita, KS Wichita Alternative Holistic Fair Wichita, Kansas Friday, April 6th 3pm - 7pm Saturday, April 7th 10am - 7pm Sunday, April 8th 10am - 5pm ADMISSION:  Friday $3     Saturday $5     Sunday $5    *Free Lectures on Saturday & Sunday* LECTURE:  to be announced  ADDRESS:  Best Western Wichita North Hotel & Suites        915 E 53rd St North, Wichita, Kansas 67219   2018 Spirit Mind Body Faire by OPERA’s Schedule June 9th-10nd  August 18th-19th October 20th-21st December 15th-16th