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# 49  ZEON HEART DIAMOND TRANSFORMER  Affirmation:  I am one with the full spectrum of life aligning within my sacred heart's spiral. The Zeon frequency infused within this CZ crystal comes from beyond the universe.  The geometrical light patterns of this frequency embed themselves within your heart in a perfect fit.  From there, the transformer brings all of the bodies within your physical structure into alignment, with extended use.  A geofused™ grid field emerges that weaves all bodies together, creating a stargate bridge to all dimensional realms through your soul.  This gateway allows your heart's dimensional portal to open up to your higher self more and more.  Your entity can use this 9 crystalline conductor to help mutate and transform all old energies that are no longer beneficial for the evolving divine human.  The charge within the diamond- or heart-cut crystal also works like a computer for the higher self to upgrade the programs within your soul's data base.  Simply hold it over your heart about every 3 days so that the power of this conducting bridge can help clear negative energetics at any given time.  WE DO NOT HAVE PURPLE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.  The colors listed in the drop down menu are identical in facets in shape.  The color is the only difference.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We hope to have purple available soon.        
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