#9 COFFEE LOVER NEUTRALIZER Affirmation: I choose, now, to bring harmony and balance between my mental, physical and emotional bodies. This geofused™, herbal elixir is a companion to your coffee beverage. Coffee has become a daily ritual in many of our lives. It has been loved, as well as hated, and yet many have deemed it the elixir of life. Its chemical effects have invaded the mental body in ways that have kept the physical body under its domain. It has helped the mental body to cope by over-riding the stressors in our daily lives. For the most part, the physical body is kept heavily sedated, and, yet, at the same time, there is an underlying agitation that the emotional body feels. It gets ticked off by the mental rhetoric that is has to put up with. The subconscious mental body tries to lull it to sleep, again and again, so that it isn't truly present, and this angers the emotional body because it wants a partnership with all bodies. This formula came into being because a collective cry went out asking for help in waking up to inner beauty and balance in our lives. For those who can recognize their own inner plea, drinking coffee can be used as a conscious medium to enter into the ego collective of the mental body, and begin to restructure an old program consisting of countless judgements against your body. By continuing to drink this combination, your DNA will be re- programmed, and modifications will be made to your existing matrix. Old wounds and destructive, habitual behaviors will begin to heal as a new harmony is created. Ingredients: Organic Geofused™ 2 oz. ..............................................................................
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#44 HERBAL VIBE TINCTURE: Affirmation: I allow joy to sing its songs of freedom down into every cell, atom and molecule of my being. This geofused™ formula enables the body to be a free-flowing conveyor system, from head to toe. All bodies are in sync but the electrical system has to be fine tuned on deeper levels. This also does a systems check so that the body becomes like a free-flowing stream of water. Ingredients: Organic Geofused™ Oregon grape, sheep sorrel, hawthorne, quassia chips, cat’s claw, bugle weed, chervil leaf, lobilia, chestnut leaf, mother wort leaf, elder flowers, burdock root, rose petals, cleavers, chickweed, worm wood, marshmallow, horehound, St. john’s wort, horsetail, red raspberry, olive leaf, pau d’arco, hyssop, rooibos, alfalfa, eye bright, lemon bee balm, and penny royal in distilled aloe vera, distilled water, & alcohol.
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