Have you ever notice how you feel after being outside, especially after a rain? How it feels to walk barefoot--or wrap your arms around a tree? Most people feel wonderfully centered and relaxed! There is a scientific explanation for this, and it has to do with EMF pollution. “Modern lifestyle separates humans from such contact. The research suggests that this disconnect may be a major contributor to physiological dysfunction and unwellness. Reconnection with the Earth's electrons has been found to promote intriguing physiological changes and subjective reports of well-being. Earthing (or grounding) refers to the discovery of benefits—including better sleep and reduced pain—from walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the Earth's electrons from the ground into the body.” per Pubmed, study titled, Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth's Surface Electrons, author Gaétan Chevalier, et all. As the quote from the study mentions, modern life can block the free flow of electrons from the earth to our bodies,which we need for optimum health, leaving us with a toxic load of free radical damage. In the book, Shungite: Protection, Healing and Detoxification, Regina Martino discuss ways to help the body drain the unhealthy back-up from modern society. Shungite jewelry, converters and grounding mats can help. See below to find products we carry. Also here is a link to a video by Grounding Pioneer Clint Ober. This is the best and most comprehensive video we have seen on this topic.
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Jewelry, a fun, beautiful and on the go, answer to help our bodies. Every product we sell carries a specialized formula of Sacred Geometry, geofusion TM . Our jewelry holds frequency codes to help support and protect the body from environmental stressors. We utilize nature’s Shungite to help with your vitality from your the Base/Root chakra frequency to assist in shielding our bodies from EM Radiation. Shungite is a black, lustrous mineral that is made of more than 98% carbon. First discovered in the Karelia region of Russia near the Shunga village, Shungite was first given the name in the late 1800s. It is estimated to be several billion years old. True shungite, the only shungite we use, contains fullerenes, microscopic, hollow, pure carbon molecule. Fullerenes are believed to be an extremely powerful anti-oxidant and are being vigorously studied for there is a multitude of benefits for both health, and nano-technologies. We take Shungite and add orgonite technology to combine both their benefits, to some of our products. Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals, crystals, stones that balances and harmonises bio-energy, otherwise known as orgone, chi or prana. When you wrap all these benefits into one, you have powerful energy management tool that you can accessorize. Do not submerge bracelets & necklaces with Selenite, in water. It is a soft stone & can dissolve in too much water.
Shaped Grounding Necklaces
Shungite & Selenite with Silver Butterfly Heart Charm Bracelet, not hanging $35
Shungite, Selenite, & Turquoise Gold Bracelet, Gold Sun Charm $35
Shungite, Selenite, & Turquoise & Silver Bracelet, Laugh Charm $35
Other Products
Quartz, Selenite, Shungite, Silver Bracelet with Celtic Heart Charm, Hanging $35
Shungite, Selenite & Amethyst Bracelet, No Charm $35
Shungite, Selenite & Amethyst Bracelet, Butterfly Heart Char $35
Converters are larger formations of Shungite and Orgonite to be placed in a space that has a high concentration of EM Radiation to help disperse it and balance the energy in the space. We take Shungite and add orgonite technology to combine both their benefits, to some of our products. Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals, crystals, stones that balances and harmonizes bio-energy, otherwise known as orgone, chi or prana.
GROUNDING THERAPY DESK MAT KIT This mat can be used on top of a desk beneath your keyboard and mouse, or on the floor with barefoot contact. Keep yourself grounded at your desk space to help regulate stress levels, ease wrist and neck pain, and promote blood circulation. Connects to the existing grounded outlet of your building, or a grounded surge protector in spaces where outlets are limited. Made of our patented and 100% conductive carbon leatherette. Dimensions: 12.5″ x 38.75″ $69.00
GROUNDING THERAPY SLEEP MAT Enjoy the healing benefits of grounding all night long with the Ground Therapy Sleep Mat. The updated Sleep Mat is designed with a thinner, perforated 100% conductive carbon leatherette that feels great with direct skin contact or becomes nearly unnoticeable from under your fitted sheet- now in a larger size! The conductive side is the smooth, leather-like material and should be placed up, nearest direct skin contact as possible. Use the straps to secure the mat directly to your mattress over or under your fitted sheet to turn your bed into an indoor grounding sanctuary. The large mat covers the entire surface area of a queen-sized bed. Dimensions: Single - New 2020 Design 27″ x 84″ Queen - 54″ x 72″ Double KIT - 2 Singles
GROUNDING THERAPY SHUNGITE WATER NUGGETS Per quart $14.OO Per half a gallon, $22.00
Shungite & Selenite Necklace Set
Octagonal Converter $55
Cylindrical Automobile Converter $20
Cone Automobile Converter $15
Cell Phone Donut Converter $25
Cell Phone Round Converter $25
Cell Phone Triangle Converter $25
Shungite, Selenite & Citrine Gold Bracelet $35
Shungite, Selenite & Gold Bracelet $35
Shungite Water Nuggets
Grounding Therapy Sleep Mat