How our products works We are in the business of finding ways for you to help yourself. What we offer you are not so much “products” as they are “instruments.” The creativity that we put into them works when you put your creativity into them, as you would a musical instrument. The beauty of the music played on a piano depends, largely, on the artistry of the musician. We take the position that you are the artist of your life; you are the one who is ultimately responsible for your health. The archetypal geometrical patterns of life that we have fused with nature's herbal essences will respond to the direction given them when applied with a clear and firm intention. Think for a moment of the myriad factors that had to come together to place this bottle, let's say, in your hands. Through it, you are now connected to an equally vast number of beings, from the simplest elementals to the highest of all, who have put their intentions into what you hold in your hands—this is the “genie” in the bottle, and he waits to do your bidding. The future that you hold in your hands is determined by the clarity and beauty of the feeling that you bring to this moment. By setting a conscious intention with a strong feeling that you have complete control of your life, you enable this instrument to find its target, to use the force of your will as a power source, and to recognize your authority as the CEO of your immune system.
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