What is Geomancy? Geomancy is a way of applying the art of sacred geometry to a particular place. Just as a farmer can recognize the suitability of a given place for the production of a certain crop so a geomancer understands the role of a landscape within a holonic lifeform encompassing everything from the cosmic to the microscopic. Geomancy is the perception of the organic life force of a given environment along with the awareness of the aesthetic and moral qualities within the human individual that can be poured into that place to enhance its growth and development. Part of our work involves property energy assesment. This can include landscapes, yards, houses, apartments, or cars, for example. This can be done prior to purchase or afterwards. We can determine if noxious zones are present, or if something needs to be cleared out and revitalized, and what can be done to enhance the energy of that location. This is also known as Feng Shui but our application is different. Noxious energy can be created by electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) generated by televisions, microwaves, electrical wires, cell phone towers, etc, as well as various geological stresses. The earth's grid and ley lines are taken into consideration as part of this work. We can help you to set up a sacred space to enclose you and your loved ones in a protective energetic shell. Our Healing Earth Acupuncture Rock Designs (H.E.A.R.D.™) provides you with a means to helping mother earth to heal. Our Garden In the gardens around our home, we are applying these same geomantic principles along with those of Biodynamics and permaculture to help every plant achieve new levels of vitality and harmony with the overall environment. Every one is a valuable member of our community and our goal is to integrate each one into a self-sustaining biological entity that can take its place within the larger community of life for its improved health and well-being. More Info Coming Soon! Sorry, some aspects of the site are going through an upgrade.