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Shoena Helen offers a wide array of services to enhance your  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.   She uses a multitude of techniques to focus upon, past and present, wherever the root of the issue may be, with the goal of  bringing balance to all of our bodies.     Below you will find a brief description of each consultation technique.  You will need to email to set up a time to meet in person or talk over the phone.  Spritual Consultations 	Oversoul Messages 	DNA Activation Card Matrix 	Spiritual Integrative Counseling 	Personalized Sacred Geometry Soul Portrait or Grid 	Divine Ascension Integration  Body Consultaions 	Dousing/Energy/Muscle Testing Consultation 	Gemstone Therapy--laying on of stones 	GeofusedTM Bio-Mat Session  	Energy Meridian Attunement 	Chakra Re-Balancing 	Earthing  One-On-One training sessions 	Dousing/Energy/Muscle testing  Please Click Here to schedule a session or to   inquire about any of theses sessions.