"Nutrition as it is today does not supply the strength necessary for manifesting the spirit in physical life. A bridge can no longer be built from thinking to will and action. Food plants no longer contain the forces people need for this.” Rudolph Steiner
Prvacy Policy
Geomancy is a way of appling the arts of Sacred Geometry to a particular space.
Cleansings  Why would our environment need cleansed or cleared?  To restore balance in your space.  Whether it be an office, home or acreage, we can help restore balance to the grid of the planet and therefore your lives.  Shoena Helen and Joseph offers a wide array of services to enhance your dwelling back to it’s balanced natural state.      Below you will find a brief description of each cleansing technique.  You will need to email or call to to set up a time to meet in person and describe the issues you are expereiencing in your space.  Each clearing/cleansing is talored to your specific issues.
Geomancy is a way of applying the art of sacred geometry to a particular place. Just as a farmer can recognize the suitability of a given place for the production of a certain crop so a geomancer understands the role of a landscape within a holonic lifeform encompassing everything from the cosmic to the microscopic. Geomancy is the perception of the organic life force of a given environment along with the awareness of the aesthetic and moral qualities within the human individual that can be poured into that place to enhance its growth and development. Part of our work involves property energy assessment. This can include landscapes, yards, houses, apartments, or cars, for example. This can be done prior to purchase or afterwards. We can determine if noxious zones are present, or if something needs to be cleared out and revitalized, and what can be done to enhance the energy of that location. This is similar to Feng Shui but our application goes deeper. Noxious energy can be created by electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) generated by televisions, microwaves, electrical wires, cell phone towers, etc, as well as various geological stresses. The earth's grid and ley lines are taken into consideration as part of this work. We can help you to set up a sacred space to enclose you and your loved ones in a protective energetic shell. Geomantic House and/or Property Clearing H.E.A.R.D. Healing Earth Acupuncture Rock Designs Our Healing Earth Acupuncture Rock Designs (H.E.A.R.D.™) provides you with a means to helping mother earth to heal. We've heard the call from Mother Earth— her call for help in healing this planet. One way to do this is through the use of stones imprinted with geometric designs. There are 7 designs to choose from, and each one works differently. Once the stone is placed, the geometrical symbol will fuse itself into the grid and ley lines, expanding to a radius of 50 miles! The language of light within this symbol will be injected into the Mother's etheric field, and within a week will be firmly anchored. Besides the at least 50-pound Rock, your geomancy kit will include a set of instructions. If you live locally, we will come help you place the crystals that will be the foundation for the dimensional portal to be built, either by yourself or by us. The price will simply depend upon the mileage. I will need to help you pick the right rock design for your location. Each landscape can have different challenges depending on your geography. An evaluation will need to be done to ask appropriate questions about your property lines. I will use your name and address to locate you on the planetary grid. Once we find out which design will be used, you can begin to create a sacred garden. We will plug your location into the Earth's ley-line grid. That connection will allow you to serve as a conduit in assisting Her. As your energies find alignment with Her, you will begin to commune with Her in finding more ways to help. From within your sacred garden that you have intentionally opened up, you will bring new healing energies into the planet. The design opens up a gateway so that a line of communication can be established between the Cosmos and the Earth. Mother has been calling for help because there is such resistance to change in our culture. Her very life is at stake here. She feels that she has been disrespected and dishonored, because we have not loved her enough to clean up our act. We have forgotten the union that we once had with her in our native days. We have not brought that understanding forward into our technological world. At Stonehenge and other sacred sites, we can look into the past and see how nature was honored and understood; how in English towns and cities, cathedrals and streets were aligned with the grid, during a time when we knew how to work with Mother Earth. This geomancy technique is about creating union with Earth and Sky so that through this union, a new level of healing, understanding balance can be attained, globally. If you are interested in helping, please contact us for more information. Bio-Grid Creating Sacred Space within home or office Sacred Space Gardens Water Charging EMF Aids Please Click here if you are interested in scheduling a time or inquiring about any of theses sessons.
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