What is Sacred Geometry? "The harmony of the world is made manifest in form and number, and the heart and soul and all the poetry of natural philosophy are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty." - Sir D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson (1860-1948, Scottish zoologist.) ” What makes Geometry Sacred? Take the analogy of a young child learning to read his/her first words. What were simply "A, B, C's" at first, suddenly reveal a meaning that, up until that point, they knew only by the spoken word. Likewise, we can reach an understanding that the circle, square, triangle, etc. are actually a letter-like "code" according to which everything in the universe has been constructed, whether it is a quartz crystal, a sunflower or your human heart. The dawn of this idea in human consciousness revealed an underlying intelligence within the structure of everything. Sacred geometry starts with the underlying unity of all things. i Perhaps, for the first time, we hear in it a voice, thundering from all sides that says, "I want to talk to you." In that moment, our feeling breaks through the confines of our skin and our sense of self expands outward to infinity, as if we had stepped into the space occupied by the Great Pyramid for a private conversation with the architect of this reality. History How far back this idea goes we can't be certain but it is found in the mandalas and sacred circles of cultures all over the world. The ancient Egyptian culture goes back at least several thousand years and is a vast storehouse of sacred geometrical artifacts. They ascribed this knowledge to Thoth/Hermes, the architect of their civilization. Thoth is considered the author of the ancient book, The Emerald Tablet, and the whole hermetic tradition of alchemy stemming from it. It is not known if he is also the author of The Egyptian Book of the Dead, or more accurately, the Book of the Master of the House of Hidden Places, but it is a perfect allegorical description of the geometry of the Great Pyramid. ii The precision of this geometrical wonder of the world intrigues scholars to this day, some of whom have found convincing evidence that it accurately predicts 2000 years of history down to our own day. Yet, even in the middle of this North American continent, that same geometrical and astronomical knowledge was applied by the Skidi band of the Pawnee in great detail to their daily life. iii Throughout Europe, prehistoric stone megaliths attest to the importance of this knowledge. When medieval Europeans began the construction of the great cathedrals, they relied on this same geometrical wisdom. Existing energy vortexes on specific earth ley lines were chosen for the location of each cathedral. In addition to the precise geometry of their construction, the architects also inscribed labyrinths in their floors. iv Walking a labyrinth brought the mind into a meditative state of rest, creating a serene space for truth and inspiration to enter. Besides encoding his works with closely guarded secrets, Leonardo DaVinci reveals in his "canon of man" that he was aware of the geometrical field of energy surrounding the human body, known as the "Merkaba," (see illustration above) "auric field," or "light body." v How it works Using DaVinci's canon, all of the five Platonic solids that perfectly divide a circle can be found in the human energy field. Every form in the world derives from one of these geometrical solids. One such form, the tube torus, describes the pattern of the seven muscles of the human heart, from which an electromagnetic field of energy extends outward as much as 8 feet. vi Modern science has found these forms even at the subatomic level within the Periodic Table of the Elements. vii Just as our body needs a skeletal form as a framework for its life, so these geometrical shapes represent the energetic pathways of light that support the appearance of everything physical. Sacred geometry displays "the unfolding of number in space." viii How else do we explain the numerical correspondence between the I Ching, the Mayan code, and our own DNA, discovered by three separate civilizations at different points in time? ix This is a language that transcends all linguistic and cultural barriers revealing a perfection that exists in the whole world and in each one of us, without regard to prejudice or opinion. Why use it? The beauty of this geometrical perfection has been made abundantly clear in the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto with frozen water crystal photography. x What is even more significant is that his work demonstrates the power of the human mind to creatively enhance the environment through the use of appropriate intentions and affirmations. This is confirmed by the work of quantum physicists, who recognize the existence of a unified field underlying reality. This field responds to human thought as well as human DNA. We now know from new research in the field of biology that DNA has receptors for light and other forms of energy, including the chemicals generated by human feelings and emotions. xi This startling fact tells us that our perceptions, thoughts and feelings can change both the biosphere and our own human biology. Out of such an understanding, Feng Shui developed as an applied form of sacred geometry that is now used to balance the energy of office, home and garden, in order to reduce stress and increase feelings of harmony. The matrix in which we live is susceptible to the power of the individual to change it, provided we follow the rules of design upon which it is built. Sacred geometry is the design system used by the universal mind that is the architect of this system, and the way in which that mind communicates with us so that we may recognize our ability to participate in this process, which is what The Emerald Tablet told us in the beginning. Application Our life is a complex interplay of macroscopic forces working at a microscopic level. We have a choice as to where to apply our efforts to direct this vast array, as well as what tools to use in the process. By selecting the tools of sacred geometry, you make the choice to work at the design level, where the structure is created, rather than at a superficial level. Whether you wish to address changes in your body, soul, or spirit, sacred geometry has appropriate tools for you. It is the Architecture of In-Lightenment™, helping you to become the architect of your own life, in full freedom. Each of our products has been infused with the power of sacred geometry. Every geometrical form has been created from Sho'ena's unique ability to perceive these living, radiating light figures, and express them artistically. We make these available to you in a variety of products to suit your application: art prints, engraved healing earth acupuncture stones (H.E.A.R.D.™), grids for earth ley lines and various forms of emf, geofused™ essential oils, herbal elixirs, and drinking water. We also have CDs that contain expressions of sacred geometry in chants and meditations, as well as a line of jewelry, crystals and gemstones energized through their geometrical forms. Sources_______________________ i Lawlor, Robert. Sacred Geometry ii Valentine, Tom, The Great Pyramid: Man's Monument to Man iii Chamberlain, Von Del, When Stars Came Down To Earth iv Artress, Dr. Lauren, Walking a Sacred Path v Melchizedek, Drunvalo, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life vi Braden, Greg, The Divine Matrix vii Gilbert, Robert J., Sacred Geometry - viii Lundy, Miranda, Sacred Geometry ix Arguelles, José, The Mayan Factor x Emoto, Masaru, The Hidden Messages in Water xi Braden.